A Level English Literature

Entry Guidance

A minimum of 5 GCSEs at grade C or better. No more than two applied courses can count towards this total and each applied course counted has the equivalence of only one GCSE, regardless of its nominal size. In addition, students must achieve the specific entry requirements which may apply to this course.

Please speak to subject leader or look on website.

Aspects of Narrative (exam)

  • This is an open book exam in which you will answer questions based on two novels and two poetry texts that you have studied.

Dramatic Genres (coursework)

  • You will study the genre of tragedy by looking at a minimum of two texts, including Shakespeare.
  • You will produce two pieces of coursework of which one can be a creative piece.

Advanced (A2)

Text and Genres (exam)

This is a closed book exam in which you will answer questions on a minimum of 3 texts from different time periods on a Gothic or pastoral theme.

Further and Independent Reading (coursework)

You will study a minimum of three texts including a pre-release anthology of critical material. You will then produce two pieces of coursework.

It is hoped that the A-level Literature course will develop an enjoyment and appreciation of English Literature both in and beyond the classroom. Students are encouraged to read widely, focusing on genres and literary styles drawn from the literary canon. Independent research, reading and evaluation is crucial and lively debate is encouraged as our students discuss their own and others’ interpretations of the texts.


In both the Advanced Subsidiary (AS) and Advanced (A2) courses the assessment will be as follows: 60% Exam 40% Coursework